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Hey! I'm Andrew Lee, a videographer + photographer based in Vancouver, BC.

Andrew started out with creating random, fun content on TikTok back in 2019. From there his love for content creation grew and he naturally fell into producing higher quality, professional-looking videos. He self-taught himself by attending “Youtube University” and actively put himself out there to create videos for anyone who was willing to let him shoot. His passion and drive still is very much alive today and continues to push himself and put in his best work with every project that he takes on. On top of making videos, Andrew genuinely loves to talk and connect with people. That is one of the biggest things he loves about this job. He loves talking and interviewing people so much that he even has a podcast with a friend that’s garnered over millions of views on TikTok. You can check it out @bananaboypodcasts, on every platform.



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